Practical info

Our caravan contains dry toilets, mobile gardens, machines to make soup and sauce, biogas digesters and all those who feel like joining in ; and we will halt at 3 symbolic places in the city:


• MicroMarché • Steenkoolkaai 9 Quai à a Houille - 1000 Bxl • 11:00-23:00 •

With a first halt at MicroMarché (Cooperative Creators Market), having it’s very own public space now in the heart of Brussels, we go back to where it all has begun for Micronomics. In "do-it-yourself"-market form, we join Bains Connective (Artistic Lab) and the Thematics ’Do it yourself’ and the MicroMarchands and their festive MayDay market, from 11a.m. to 11p.m.


• Molenbeek • crossing Chaussée de Gand + rue Compte de Flandre • 13:00-18:00 •

Micronomics goes west to the popular neighbourhood Molenbeek, where we link up with local activities, the social restaurant « Les uns et les autres » and Zinnekes and Molenbeekois.

15 MAY

• Flagey square •

May 15th brings us to the south-east symbolic place of Flagey, heart of Ixelles’ cultural life, but also at the centre of infinite discussions about what a public space should be.

On the final day of this Month of Micronomics, our actions will be joined by similar initiatives about public space in London, Paris, Berlin, Gothenburg and Istanbul, to make this the international Campaiging Day for public space.