CHANGING ROOM - radical_hope

18:00 - 21:00 • installation

From April to the end of May ’Changing Room’, a travelling project by radical_hope (Heike Langsdorf), will take place in an old garage at MicroMarché. Like any dressing room in a normal commercial environment, Changing Room is a space, where we try out different looks. It is the free place where we exercise another possible world - even if it is only by changing our clothes.

The project Changing Room is a changing room - but on a larger scale. It invites us to change all that is changeable : the entire interior of the space or simply its functions. Changing ‘things’ or changing ‘ourselves’.

This room offers to rather try the change instead of waiting for it to happen. Let’s practice changeability, let’s fool the status quo :

After a period of installing and testing, Changing Room is ready to be visited, used, squatted, occupied, ... and changed, from 1st of May on !

Just have a look, pass by or leave us a message here if u are interested to spend some minutes, hours or a day in the Changing Room.

BE AWARE : a look can change the world !

’Changing Room’ is developed during a residency in MicroMarché, as part of the Thematics ’Do it yourself’, initiated by Bains Connective.