CAFE MODELLE - Nicolas Y Galeazzi & Joël Verwimp

11:00 - 21:00 • the market under the microscope

Nicolas Y Galeazzy & Joel Verwimp ’s office is the place to be for a business consultancy on May 1. Out of a simple curiosity of two artists the economies of your business, will be investigated. In this exchange of knowledge we are going to analyse in dialogue with ’clients’ the economical structure of each stand. We will try to find individual models and generalised categories under an artistic perspective.

The MicroMarché is stating to search for alternative economies. We are looking which ’alternative’ exactly is meant. Come in for a coffee and let’s work out other models for exchange of other values!

’CAFE MODELLE’ is developed during a residency at MicroMarché, in the frame of the Thematics ’Do it yourself’, a project by Bains Connective.