#3__May__Micronomics Month in Brussels

international Campaiging Day


Micronomics is convinced that an urban public space is something to be used, and that is exactly what we will do. And we won’t be the only ones: on the final day of this Month of Micronomics, our actions will be joined by similar initiatives about public space in London, Paris, Berlin, Gothenburg and Istanbul, to make this the international Campaiging Day for public space.

Feel like joining, contact City Mine(d) on: info@citymined.org

We Need Public Space - International Campaigning Day


What can you do on 15 May :

  • pic nic, play games, meet people, talk about something… but do it in public space, and let us know about it. It does not have to be long, just visible.
  • Send us images about what you did, then this action can be something we can use in our struggle for public space,
  • Follow the results of this campaign here, and on 19 November in the Urban Platform in Flagey

for more info email info@citymined.org

other cities: London, Lyon, Berlin, Göteborg, Vienna, New York, Istanbul, Rotterdam, Bogotà, Los Angeles,...

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We Need Public Space - international campaigning day