Soup Machine

... : ... • Soup Machine

Is it possible to turn a fresh vegetable into hot soup in less than 7 minutes? By mechanical device? Outside, on the pavement? It would at least make city spaces more fun, offering food and a technological feat, but at the same time it would also make people think about eating in the city: where to get a fresh carrot or a leek near the place where the soup machine stands; are vending carts only used provide un-healthy food like hot dogs or hamburgers; what makes a good soup?

A challenge City Mine(d) could not miss out on, so they promptly started working on the Soup Machine. Powered by muscles and a bit of propane gas, the Soup Machine, will be what the sun is to Barcelona’s public spaces, or the beach to Miami. Only smaller. But also warm, enjoyable, and leisurely.

Come witness the Soup Machine in the making, contribute your culinary, technological or social know how to make the machine actually work, or be a test taster on 1, 8 or 15 May.