RE-SELF PLAY - Ana Stegnar

16:00 - 17:30 • workshop at Maison des Enfants Saint-André (across MicroMarché)

RE-SELF PLAY REgenerating yourSELF by PLAYing with your senses

open atelier - duration: 1h30 - open to everybody

In the opinion of the teacher, Ana Stegnar, many people under stress of everyday life loose not only the connection with their colleagues, friends or family, but also with themselves. This atelier is an opportunity to regenerate the connection to yourself in an easy way: to observe what you feel, see, hear.

After the relaxation (lying on the floor, focusing on breathing and releasing muscular tension) different propositions guide the participant through creative discovery of the environment (the room, the objects, the others). The propositions are stimulating the use of senses and their inner reverberations: to listen and hear to touch and feel to look and see

This work is based on perception and inner experience of the participant. The principal notions are ‘letting go of tension’, ‘allowing the senses to open’, and ‘creative process of individual discovery’. The result of playing with and on your senses is a sharper perception and the regeneration of the connection with your inner self.

This is a part of the method that is used when teaching PRESENCE to dancers. It is inspired by Instant Composition, Skinner Releasing Technique and Stanislavski System.

All reservations can be made by e-mail at anastegnar@gmail.com or at the Do it yourself - May Day Market from 11:00 on.