15 May


1 simple and too little known device to reduce waste! 1 way to produce compost without even having a garden.

With very few resources and space, it is possible to reduce your volume of rubbish by “composting” part of your food waste

the concept is easy: 1 or more wooden or plastic boxes (preferably recovered or recycled); 1 space to put them in your flat, house or dwelling (a closet, cellar, attic or part of the kitchen…) ; some waste eating worms (who will take residence in the boxes)

After that, rather than throwing it in your waste bag, you put peels of fruit and vegetables, teabags and coffee ground in the worm boxes. The worms will digest and re-digest the waste, reducing its volume by up to 80%. Other advantage is that the “vermicomposte” produces a liquid fertilizer and a useful compost for house or balcony plants.