08 May

GREFFONS - Doxa Scopie

Saturday 8 May – 13:00-18:00


We never really realised it, but we are oftenl everyday DIY-ers. Doxa Scopie proposes for Micronomics its micro-initiative, ”le greffon” [transl: the cutting] . Le greffon??? It is a modular element made of cardboard, plastic, wood, textile ... depending on what we find. Le greffon is a useful growth, moveable at pleasure, depending on needs, available space and possibiliities. Le greffon was created to make our presence in the city easier, more comfortable and more accessible and challenges the ways we use the structures (furniture, small posts, ... ) we find in public space. We will be present on two occasions to reveal different greffon-systems. Along with other micro-initiatives it will create a festive space in Molenbeek. At Flagey we will mainly ask questions: where do we settle? Where do we take root? On this site the “greffons” redefine more intimate spaces, and present in sneak-preview a new creation: the “tout en kit”, from shelfdress to tututable via sandwishwaistcoat ... we promise you a pleasant promiscuity.