15 May


Because everybody is entitled to a bit of flavour, because not all of us have a garden or a plot of land, Miss Vertigo demonstrates how to make little wonders out of 3 times nothing and and a bit of pedal power. Because sports keep you in shape!


VERTIGO: [qual. adj.] Opinions differ on its origin. Studies by renowned academics into the origin of the word vertigo, point towards the contraction « vert(e) » and « go ». « Go » for some refers to « going green», for other a diminutif of « goût » (taste). But could Vertigo not just be the tasty mix of all that? Eating Vertigo: treating yourself to something, re-discover taste through a more green, creative, surprising kitchen. The vertigo eater can be found in the most diverse shapes, classes and sizes. Living Vertigo: be in balance with the environment while fully respecting oneself. Be responsible, all of us at our own measure. Veritgo Day:let us have a vertigo lunch and, inspired by the city of Ghent who encourages its residents to make their own lunch, start an exciting adventure here in Brussels.