Have you ever imagined using your cities’ streets, squares or parks to make, do, learn, teach, share or show things?

Or to work on things like how to use left-over spaces to grow food, get rid of the waste we create by making and eating food, or just just talk about ways to prepare a good meal? When was the last time you had a picnic in your city?

Micronomics tries all these things and more. On the first 3 Saturdays of May 2010, we bring together a wide variety of initiatives that use urban spaces as places of expression, experiment and debate. They stretch from urban gardening over bicycle projects and neighbourhood initiatives to DIY-ing and actions to support the rights of citizens of a different colour of skin, sexual orientation or social class. What they have in common is their spontaneous and informal character, their non-hierarchical structure, and the fact that they are urban not despite the city, but because of the city.

Our caravan contains dry toilets, mobile gardens, machines to make soup and sauce, biogas digesters and all those who feel like joining in ; and we will halt at 3 symbolic places in the city (see "programme"):

  • May 1st, in the highly appropriate settings of MicroMarché in the heart of Brussels, with a Mayday market for all kinds of arts, creative and Micronomics expression from 11am to 11pm.
  • May 8th, Micronomics goes west to the popular neighbourhood Molenbeek, where we link up with local activities, Zinnekes and Molenbeekois.
  • May 15th, brings us to the south-east symbolic place of Flagey, heart of Ixelles’ cultural life, but also at the centre of infinite discussions about what a public space should be.

Micronomics is convinced that an urban public space is something to be used, and that is exactly what we will do. And we won’t be the only ones: on the final day of this Month of Micronomics, our actions will be joined by similar initiatives about public space in London, Paris, Berlin, Gothenburg and Istanbul, to make this the international Campaiging Day for public space.

Feel like joining, contact City Mine(d) on: info@citymined.org